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Flip the Switch, Open the Floodgates

Al Sears, MD11903 Southern Blvd., Ste. 208Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
February 19, 2010
Dear ian,
Blood flow.
That’s what you need for your best physical performance.
You need to “open the floodgates.”
It’s that simple.
If you were here in my clinic, I’d tell you the same thing.
And you can easily boost blood flow to the right area. You can do it whenever you want. All you have to do is “open the floodgates.”
I’m going to tell you about a natural secret that “opens the floodgates.”
Why should you want to be able to open these floodgates?
Because when you do, the result is immediate potency.
Potency is more than just getting it up when you’re in the mood.
Potency is a combination of strength and desire. It’s a feeling of extraordinary potential, like having your foot on the accelerator of a turbo-charged sports car.
Potency is power on demand.
Potency is all about blood flow. That means getting oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body at a moment’s notice. It’s easy for young people, because their veins and arteries easily expand to handle the extra flow.
As you get older, your veins and arteries tend to get narrower and stiffer. But you can keep your blood flowing at any age.
You just have to know how to “flip the switch” so those floodgates open up.
Nature’s secret to big blood flow is nitric oxide, (N.O.). It’s the switch from the lining of your blood vessels that makes them open up.
Blood vessels are elastic-like balloons. With the right signal, they can expand rapidly. When they’re open full throttle, they can move tremendous amounts of blood.
As you get older, your supply of N.O. drops off. Your body just doesn’t make as much as it used to. That makes it much harder for your arteries to expand. But if you turn on N.O., blood can get to the place where it counts.
That means plenty of action. And a lot more fun.
So far so good. But here is where most doctors have made a mistake.
They don’t realize your body has a built-in defense mechanism that will sabotage every effort you make to keep those floodgates open.
If you give your body outside help, you’ll get decent short-term results. But the effects will start to wear off. And after a few months you’re right back where you started.
Think of it as the “coffee effect.” The first time you had coffee, it was probably very stimulating.
But as time goes on, you need more and more to get the same effect. Your body stops reacting to it. This is called down regulation. When you give yourself an outside stimulant, your body will “turn down” your sensitivity as a way of protecting itself.
It’s the same thing when you take a pill that opens the floodgates and gives you great blood flow. Short-term results are usually good. But you lose the effect over time.
When guys come to my clinic, we take care of this problem.
Here’s what I do: I give them two, specially designed formulas. They take the first one for a month. Then they take the second one for a month.
Here’s how they work…
Part one is called Natural T: Red.
The key here is blood flow.
The first step to more N.O. (and huge blood flow) is a simple nutrient called l-arginine. This building block is a precursor to nitric oxide. That means your body uses it to create N.O.
L-arginine is the most reliable, fast-acting tool for improving blood flow.
The doctors who discovered how nitric oxide works were jointly awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. These award-winning scientists found l-arginine is your body’s chief source for creating nitric oxide. Remember, N.O. opens the floodgates.
Current studies suggest the use of l-arginine to ensure the level of nitric oxide is high enough to keep blood flowing to the penis. One study showed a whopping 80% percent improvement in function for men who took just 2.8 grams of l-arginine for two weeks.1
Another study showed that more than 1/3 of the men who took 5 grams of l-arginine reported a significant improvement in erectile function.2
This stuff is amazing. But there’s something you should know. L-arginine by itself will only give you a temporary boost. To get the kind of help that lasts, I added something special. Something most doctors and fitness gurus don’t know about.

Here’s the secret to getting a supercharged N.O. boost:

Basic l-arginine is effective, but it has drawbacks. It creates N.O. and sends out the “expand” signal to your blood vessels. But it lasts for maybe an hour after you take it. Then it disappears from your system.

That defeats the purpose. You can’t get your potency back when your N.O. boost is temporary. You need something that gives you a lasting boost throughout the day.
To fix the problem, I added a special form of l-arginine to my Red formula. It’s called arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG). This gives you a “time release” effect. Instead of getting a quick boost and then fading fast, you get a sustained N.O. release that lasts the whole day.

A-AKG is far superior to anything else you’ll find out there. It’s time-release extends the power of the standard l-arginine and gives you the power to strike when the urge hits.
When you blend the two together, they are more powerful.
My Red formula is only step one.
The real secret is alternating between the two. By moving between the Red and Black formulas, I believe your body won’t build up a resistance or hit a plateau.
After you take the Red formula, you’ll switch to Black.
During my travels I’ve looked for and gathered what I believe are some of the most potent male performance herbs on the planet.
My trips to India, Peru, Jamaica, and Brazil were full of revelations and treks through the forest. I met with healers and medicine men. (Some medicine women, too.) They showed me their most powerful natural herbs.
I’m working to bring these herbs back to the U.S. Many of them are completely unknown to the Western world. There’s so much to tell you about… For now, I want to share some stories about the herbs in my Black formula.
Tribulus terrestris (puncture vine) has been used in India and Eastern Europe since ancient times. Its legendary status is well-deserved.
Tribulus is a non-hormonal herb… but is thought to have hormonal effects. It has the safety of an herb, and in animal studies it appears to raise levels of sex hormones including testosterone and LH. In a study on chimps published just last year, it ramped up testosterone by over 50%.3
There is preliminary evidence it does the same thing for men. One group of researchers found it lifted levels of testosterone in a small group of healthy men by 30% after only five days.4

Another key herb in my Black formula is Epimedium grandiflorum (horny goat weed). There is preliminary evidence it blocks a man’s worst enemy: PDE5. This enzyme – which is more and more common as you age – reduces your body’s ability to make nitric oxide (N.O.).
As you already know, N.O. is critical for getting it up. PDE5 is the bad guy that blocks it… In fact, PDE5 is one of the main reasons older guys are not as hard.
Muira puama (potency wood) is a famous aphrodisiac that grows in the Amazon basin in Brazil. During my trip, I spoke to traditional healers about its legendary powers. It’s been used to help men for hundreds – if not thousands – of years.
The UCLA School of Medicine has investigated this potent herb, and the British Herbal pharmacopoeia lists it as a means of getting help in the bedroom.
One published journal study suggests muira puama helped over 50% of men with this problem.5
While these herbs have centuries of traditional use behind them, there’s a modern plague zapping men’s strength and manhood. And it’s not happening in the remote Amazon jungles… it’s happening right here on Main Street, USA.
By alternating between Red and Black, you stay ahead of the game.
After years of research, my Natural T formula is finally ready. And I’ve seen what it can do.
That’s why I’m so excited for you to have your own experience.
Try Natural T today.
You’ll get help with better blood flow, more energy, and more enthusiasm.
You can alternate between my Red and Black formulas as long as you like. You’ll always respond, because you cycle between the two.
If it doesn’t work for you, or if you don’t feel like it lived up to your expectations, just ask for my no-hassle refund. You’ll get all your money back with no questions asked.
When you recharge your body and give it the right building blocks, anything is possible.
Natural T sidesteps all the problems you may have experienced with other formulas.
You don’t have to come to my clinic to get the help I give my patients.
It’s here for you right now.
Just click HERE…
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD

1 Zorgniotti, AW, Lizza EF. “Effect of large doses of the nitric oxide precursor, L-arginine, on erectile dysfunction,” Int J Impot Res 1994; 6(1): 33-35.
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