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A Quarter and a Glass of Water

A Quarter and a Glass of Water Saved Ed’s Life.
Could it Save Yours Too?

Dear ian,

The first time I met Ed he told me his story…It could be very important for you…

He was a roofer. He was leaving a job site, climbed into his truck and turned the ignition. But as he was pulling out of the parking lot, his vision suddenly went blurry. “It’s like I just forgot how to drive. Then it got to where I couldn’t feel the right side of my body.” He clenched the steering wheel, but couldn’t move.

His crew panicked as they saw his truck roll off the road and into a ditch. The next thing Ed remembered he was waking up in the hospital and seeing his wife’s grief-stricken face. He wanted to talk to her…“I could think of what I wanted to say but I just couldn’t get the words to come out.” 

After his stroke, Ed told me he saw every specialist but no one could explain why it had happened. He didn’t drink or smoke and had none of the traditional risk factors. He was strong and muscular from a lifetime of working as a roofer, and was only 48 years old. His doctors insisted on the cholesterol lowering drug, Lipitor even though Ed’s cholesterol was only 150.

And this is the point of Ed’s story that I wanted you to know.

Prescription drugs won’t save you from a stroke. But you can slash your risk to almost zero with just a few inexpensive supplements available at your grocery store. Ed didn’t come to see me until another stroke hit. The second one left him bedridden and out of a job.

His doctors put him through a battery of tests at some of the best hospitals in the country. But after 6 months, Ed had no answers. The specialists at John’s Hopkins concluded he would never work again. They told him he could never climb a ladder. Worse still, they told him that he had an 80% chance of having a third stroke, which they said would likely kill him.

Feeling desperate from the weight of his death sentence and the loss of his livelihood, Ed went outside his HMO and came to me.

I measured his risk of stroke with a simple blood test. When his lab results came back, the answer was immediately obvious: He had high levels of an acid that builds up when your antioxidant systems start to fail – the biggest single risk factor for stroke. It was the highest I had ever seen.

I gave Ed a combination of safe and inexpensive supplements to counteract the acid. Ten years later, Ed is healthy and still working. And he never had that third stroke.

Many heart attack victims don’t see it coming either. The same acid that gave Ed two strokes gave Dave a heart attack at the age of 54. When he came to me for help, I found high levels, which I expected. But I also discovered low levels of a critical heart nutrient that most doctors completely overlook.

After 6 months of taking this nutrient twice a day he had no trace of heart disease and his blood pressure dropped to a normal 120 over 80. And he’s not the only one.

I’ve helped thousands of my patients overcome their fear of heart attack and stroke. By eliminating their risk, they sleep better at night. And if you have a family history, the anxiety can be intense – especially as you get older.

Dodge the Heart Attack Causing Hormone

• There’s another very effective predictor of heart disease. When inflammation, injury or infection appears, your liver releases a marker. By measuring it, I can tell how likely you are to develop heart disease.
The New England Journal of Medicine found that men with high levels of this marker were twice as likely to suffer a stroke and 3 times as likely to have a heart attack.1 They also discovered this marker shows up in the blood 6 to 8 years before the event happens. That means it gives you an advance warning. You can take action to prevent them long before they strike.
• Your body produces a particular hormone to help you regulate blood sugar. When levels get too high, you start to gain weight and your body makes dangerous changes that appear in your blood. Triglycerides (blood fat) start to rise and your HDL (good cholesterol) starts to fall. Both your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease go through the roof.
Patients at my clinic are always surprised to discover the extra fat around their belly has put them in the danger zone. And most have no idea that a hormone is the real cause. But a few simple changes in diet fix the problem. There’s no sacrifice involved either. In fact many of my recommendations for heart health include steak, eggs and a glass of wine.
• It may surprise you to learn that cholesterol is a very poor indicator of heart disease. In spite of the drug ads you see on TV and in magazines telling you to push your cholesterol lower and lower, traditional cholesterol scores tell you very little about your real risk.
Many people with high cholesterol never develop heart problems and at least half of the people who have heart attacks have “normal” levels of cholesterol (below 200). But there’s an effective new test that gives you the real story about your cholesterol.
Traditional cholesterol tests pick up only 45% of cholesterol problems. The new one identifies about 90% of them. What’s more, the new test can determine whether your cholesterol is actually dangerous or if it is present in your bloodstream but harmless in terms of triggering a heart attack.

Get the Exercise Your Heart Really Needs

Even more surprising than finding out cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease is discovering that traditional exercise ramps up your risk of heart attack.
Aerobics, jogging and marathons have led you in the wrong direction. This type of long-duration activity puts stress on your heart that actually makes it shrink. When faced with long bouts of exertion, your body will “downsize” your heart and lungs to economize its use of energy. This keeps your heart going at high output for long periods.
But your body wasn’t designed for long-duration activity. Your ancient ancestors never ran for hours on end. Their activity was more like short bursts of intense exertion followed by rest – the kind used during hunting or escaping from dangerous animals.
When you stress your heart for long periods and force it to shrink, you lose vital reserve capacity. This is the extra pumping power your heart reserves for when it really needs it. If someone is chasing you and you need to get away fast, your heart will draw on that reserve capacity to pump more blood quickly and get more oxygen to your muscles. This gives you the power to get out of trouble.
The same applies for traumatic experiences that are emotional. If you find out that a loved one has suddenly died, the shock of hearing the bad news creates a demand for more oxygen, just like when you’re trying to escape danger.
Losing your reserve capacity means having a heart attack when a stressful situation arises. Every year, well-conditioned long-distance runners suffer sudden cardiac death. And distance runners have much higher rates of sudden cardiac death than all other athletes.
But you can prevent heart attacks and build up your heart’s reserve capacity by training your body in a whole new way. I developed a program over 15 years ago that bulletproofs your heart in less than 10 minutes.
I use it with my patients and get results in a matter of weeks. It strengthens their heart, normalizes their blood pressure and melts pounds of unwanted fat. In several cases I’ve had patients drop over 70 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks. It’s easy to learn and requires no special equipment or gym memberships.

My Patients Beat these Killers Everyday… Why Not You?

Ed and Dave are just two out of thousands that have kicked heart attack and stroke to the curb. Just ask my secretary… The medical records of my past success stories take up two rooms at a warehouse down the street from my clinic.
Here are just a few from my files:
• In 1994, Emily from Houston, Texas came to see me after 5 strokes left her wheelchair bound and barely able to speak. Her doctors told her to “get her affairs in order,” and prepare for the end. But after 3 months of taking the supplements I told you about, she was talking like her old self.
Today she’s walking on her own and hasn’t had another stroke. That’s almost 14 years and counting… (Stroke victims never have “permanent” damage. If it doesn’t kill you, healing starts almost immediately.)
• In 2001, Mike walked into my clinic with advanced heart disease. He was on half a dozen prescription medications and over a hundred pounds over weight. Aside from being obese, his blood pressure was off the charts.
The same “heart nutrient” that helped Dave brought Mike back from an early grave. Combined with a 10-minute routine of heart-healthy exercise, Mike lost that excess weight in about 15 months. He says he “feels like his old self.” And his cardiologist confirms he’s heart disease free.
• Just a few years ago, Larry told me he was scared senseless. Both his father and grandfather died of heart attacks shortly after retirement. At 66, Larry was afraid his time was drawing near.
His fears were justified. After his blood tests came back I knew he was at risk. But with a few simple supplements and changes in diet, those risk factors disappeared in a matter of 12 weeks. Today, Larry is a lot more relaxed. He enjoys golf and time with his family without the anxiety of thinking he could go at any moment.

Cross Heart Attack and Stroke Off Your List of Things to Worry About…

You can beat these killers and put the worry out of your mind for good. Even if you have a family history, I can help you. These methods are safe, proven and effective. Ed prevented his third stroke with just a few simple supplements available at your local grocery store. In The Doctor’s Heart Cure, I show you exactly which ones and how much to take.
These strategies work regardless of your current condition or medical history. I’ll give you all the details behind the techniques I mentioned in this letter and more.
You’ll find out how to stop heart attacks and strokes in a way that’s easy to understand and simple to follow. You’ll learn how to determine your own risk and put together a program that fits your own needs.
Now that you know it’s possible, I’ll show you how to get started right away. And I personally guarantee it will work for you. If it doesn’t, just let me know. You’ll get back every penny. Even your shipping and handling will be refunded.
To help you put the threat of heart attack and stroke behind you, I want you to have 3 more powerful resources. And they won’t cost you a single cent. Eva – my services director – put them into a special Doctor’s Heart Cure Package that’s full of FREE bonuses.

Attention Women: Emergency Room Doctors
May Not Recognize Your Heart Attack Symptoms
Until It’s Too Late…

You may think heart disease is just a man’s problem. But every year, more women die from heart disease than men. It’s the biggest killer of women in American history. And it’s deadlier in women too. Over 40% of women die within a year of their first heart attack versus only 24% for men.
Even most doctors underestimate this risk women face. To help you understand why and exactly what to do, I’m giving you a copy of The Doctor’s Heart Cure for Women.
You’ll discover:
  • The 3 unique risk factors women have, but don’t know about.
  • Why traditional “cardio” accelerates a loss of aging unique to women.
  • The big blunder treating women with heart disease and how to avoid them.
  • Why women are more likely to be deficient in important fats and nutrients because of flawed diet advice.
  • Why emergency rooms fail to diagnose a heart attack in women. (Women experience completely different heart attack symptoms.)
  • And more…

I Use 10 Powerful Supplements that Reverse Disease
in My Patients – Today, I’ll Tell You what They
Are and How to Use Them…

Supplements are one of the keys to preventing heart attack and stroke. There are 10 powerhouse herbs, minerals and nutrients I recommend most often to my patients. They’re easy to find and won’t cost you a fortune.
In my Top 10 Life-Saving Supplements, you’ll find out what they are, how to take them and where to get them. I’ll give you simple, easy-to-follow advice showing you exactly why these super-charged ingredients target and protect the most vulnerable areas of your body and mind.
Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:
  • Just 55 micrograms of this mineral protects you from the 4 deadliest forms of cancer.
  • This “miracle” nutrient has the power to reverse heart disease and prevent heart attacks.
  • This potent herb can boost a man’s testosterone level by 30% in just 5 days. (It was used by Eastern European athletes to enhance their performance during the Olympics – decades before it was “discovered” by the West.)

Throw Away Your Jogging Shoes and Beat Heart Disease in Just Minutes a Day

As another added bonus, you’ll get my Real Heart Strength audio download. You’ll hear me in my own words tell you step-by-step, how to avoid the dangers of traditional exercise and how you can prevent and reverse heart disease in just minutes a day.
In this revealing audio program you’ll learn:
  • What you must do to prevent a heart attack
  • How to super-charge your heart and lungs
  • How you can strengthen your immune system as you age
  • How to get the heart of a well-trained athlete in just 10 minutes a day

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Let Me Put an End to Your Worry… For Good!

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the lightning fast and deadly strike of a heart attack or stroke. The Doctor’s Heart Cure lowers your risk to zero. By taking action now, you’ll put your mind at ease by eliminating the two most common killers of our time.
When you order The Doctor’s Heart Cure Package, you’ll get a hard copy of The Doctor’s Heart Cure sent right to your door. Your other FREE reports, The Doctor’s Heart Cure for Women, my Top 10 Life-Saving Supplements and my Real Heart Strength audio download will be e-mailed to you immediately.
You get everything for just $24.00. If you need a refund, not a problem. All your FREE bonuses are yours to keep with my compliments. That way, we take all the risk.
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To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD

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1 Ridker PM et al. Inflammation, aspirin and the risk of cardiovascular disease in apparently healthy men. New England Journal of Medicine. 1997 April 3; 336(14):973-9.


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