Monday, April 26, 2010

Safe Hygiene Principles to Pass on…(Attack Germs not Health)

Proper Hygiene Standards should be a natural part of our lives. Hygiene protects our health, minimizes germ transfer and provides a safe environment for all.

How to Make Hygiene a Natural Part of Life…?

· Adults must learn and be convinced of the value of safe hygiene methods · As parents by example you can incorporate such principles to your children

Hygiene – Setting an Example..!

· Parents do you perform hand washing after using the toilet?· Do you wash hands thoroughly prior to handling food?

· That includes Preparing & Eating Meals?

How Children and Others Learn…

· Simple explanations why & when hand washing is so important….· Make it exciting for children – Washing away the germs…

Sensible Hygiene Principles Work

· Sensible Hygiene Principles will go much further · Saves you money instead of purchasing the latest anti bacterial “must have” items….

Household Cleaners Have their Place…

· We love to have a clean home · Having a commonsense approach will do more than a cupboard full of products

A Clean Home Vs A Safe Home

· A Clean Home does Not Replace the Value of having a Safe Home for your family · House Hold Cleaning Supplies – Say No to Harmful Chemicals!

The germs are possibly safer than the chemicals in many of products supposedly vital for our homes.

Make the Switch - Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

Protect your family for decades by setting a good example in hygiene. Teach your children the value of safe hygiene principles.

Selecting Safe – Non Toxic Home Cleaning Products…Protects Home, Health, Family & Earth.

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