Friday, May 27, 2011

Home Made Cough Syrup


This suprisingly pleasant-tasting home remedy made from honey and onion makes an absolutely brilliant cough syrup.  Honey has antibacterial properties, as do onions.  In addition, onions contain thiosulfinate  - a sulphur containing compound that reduces bronchial constriction.  They are also mucolytic, reducing the viscosity, or thickness, of mucus, allowing it to be eliminated more easily.

Onion and Honey cough syrup

Peel and roughly chop a red onion (brown and white onions are OK), place in a bowl and cover with honey.  Place in a warm room for six to eight hours.  Strain the onion from the syrup.  Adult dose is one tablespoon every two hours, children one teaspoon every two to four hours

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