Monday, April 29, 2013

What are C vitamins

The c vitamin is the most widely known vitamin today. It is not surprising because the body needs c vitamin for over 300 functions and protects against heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses. 

Without the c vitamin the body would not be able to heal itself either. This is because the c vitamin is vital for the formation of collagen. It is the collagen that helps repair the damage of cuts and scrapes, and without sufficient c vitamin this would be almost impossible. .

The c vitamin is also an antioxidant for the body and helps other vitamins and minerals to be absorbed better. Folic acid and iron, for example, need the c vitamin to maximise their usefulness. The more c vitamin that the body has, the better its defence against colds and other common ailments and the c vitamin may not prevent a person catching a virus but it does help speed up the recovery process.

There is c vitamin in almost every fruit and vegetable but some have far higher c vitamin content than others. Cranberries and melons have high c vitamin content. In fact, tropical fruits have the highest c vitamin amounts of all fruit. 

Hot peppers are amongst the richest sources of the c vitamin when it comes to vegetables. The hotter the pepper, the higher its c vitamin content is. Unfortunately, the c vitamin is water soluble so many vegetables lose their effectiveness as a c vitamin provider if they are boiled for a long time. Steaming or quick stir frying vegetables ensures that more of their c vitamin content is retained. The recommended daily amount of the c vitamin is easily obtained from eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day if they are consumed raw or cooked quickly.

C vitamin supplements are extremely useful to ensure that people obtain sufficient c vitamin. However, with a balanced diet the amount of c vitamin the body receives is likely to be sufficient. However, if a person begins feeling tired or lethargic then a c vitamin supplement will help overcome this. 

There is no danger of having too much c vitamin 
as the body simply excretes the excess.

Cancer scientists have even made a stunning announcement: A special form of vitamin C can kill cancer cells without harming normal cells. 

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