Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Help our kids..

Childhood anxieties can haunt us our entire lives.  

They can grow into insecurities, relationship issues, addictions, patterns of self-sabotage, depression, and affect every aspect of our adult life.
It's been said that there are only 3 motivations in life:
1. Ambition
2. Fear
3. Love

Of all of these *fear* is the most prominent in our world today.
*Ambition*has it's limitations and can easily corrode honesty and

compassion.  And in
most cases, ambition itself is usually fueled by a deeper fear.

*Love* is the only one that leads to deep lasting fulfillment.
*Love* is the only one that never compromises integrity and sincerity.
*Love* has no ulterior motives and casts away the shadow of fear.

Children were made in love and are living embodiments of love.
No one teaches us about love better than our kids.

As parents our greatest desire is for our children to thrive and be happy.
When we see our children get caught in patterns of fear, it's
heart-breaking.  So how do we help children who are anxious, afraid,
hesitant, insecure or downright dysfunctional because they are caught in
the grip of fears?

How can we help toddlers, kids and teens who are struggling in the world
because of this?

There are many tips to assist with these issues on the Parenting Club website available.

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