Saturday, December 28, 2013

Public rest rooms

If you're anything like me, you probably hate using public rest
rooms. Of course, sometimes we have no choice, so whats the 'safest'
way to spend a penny in public?

After analyzing a total of 51 public restrooms, experts found that
the stall that consistently had the least bacteria was the one that
is closest to the door. This stall also consistently had the most
toilet paper!

It was assumed that people avoid the first stall as they want
privacy, so they select a stall that is further away from the door.

Tests also show that when a toilet is flushed, a fine mist that
contains contagious bacteria sprays up out of the bowl. This mist
can lead to intestinal bugs and you could even catch hepatitis from
it... So it's a very good idea to stand before you flush!

Now you know - Use stall 1 and stand up before flushing and you
should avoid any nasties.
Tri Nature - Environmentally Responsible Household Products

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